Founded in 2008, INSIZIUM offers innovative contents, customized and integrated turn-key solutions for advanced presentations, to companies and institutions of many business sectors. Using state-of-the-art interactive, multi-sensorial and multi-dimensional technologies based on Virtual Reality, every solution created can be presented and analysed in full scale and real time, inside a complete immersive environment.

INSIZIUM is a worldwide high-tech company offering complete interactive simulated full-sized immersive environments, to produce authentic experiences for training, preventive maintenance, management and entertainment. All of this is possible through an innovative model of technologies, ensuring low cost solutions to its users anytime and virtually anyplace.


Contribute towards the development of the era of knowledge in which the transformation of information into wealth will be the fundamental factor which measures the evolution of civilization.


To develop and commercialize, on a global basis, new methodologies of communicating information which allows for its rapid transformation into knowledge through the immersion of man in multi-dimensional and multi-sensorial state-of-the-art experiences.


Truth & Transparency; Innovation; Excellence; Hard Work & Persistency; Creativity & Aesthetic; Entrepreneurship & Initiative; Create Value for Generations; Value Creation for Stakeholders & Shareholders.